SCADA Continuum enforces your SCADA standards.

Automate and streamline verification of PLC programs and mitigate human error with mandatory PLC and tag standards.

Enforce SCADA & PLC Standards

Continuum administers your PLC & SCADA tag standards, loaded as CSV or PLC files. This enforcement mitigates human error, greatly reduces the time required to validate PLC programs and tags, and ensures consistency.

Bind Tags & Code to SCADA Standards

Your Continuum template establishes the rules of your SCADA standards and enforces the creation of tags and PLC code so they are consistent with these standards.

Accurate & Consistent Deliverables

Continuum significantly reduces the time it takes to verify and validate PLC code & HMI tags so you can focus on more important aspects of a project, like auto logic.

Saves Time & Reduces Costs

Capital SCADA project developed with Continuum significantly reduces development and validation time. SCADA staff can now focus on system improvements and optimization all within the same project budget.

Before SCADA Continuum there was a lengthy and sometimes complicated process of validating PLC programs and tags, especially on larger projects. We’re very strict with our SCADA standards and my job involves validating code and tags for standards conformance. Continuum not only saves me a lot of time but also ensures deliverables are consistent and accurate.Russ Weldon, Halton Region
Every consultant has their own style of programming. SCADA Continuum is a game changer. Standards enforcement is now automated.Ben Howard, Haldimand County