Collect, catalog, analyze, and react with LIMS Studio.

Meet regulatory requirements by evaluating lab data trends visually and making informed changes to your process.

Easily Configured and Operated

LIMS sports an intuitive interface suitable for non-technical operators, and the entire application and all settings are configurable with CSV import and export.

Flexible, scalable data management

LIMS allows entry of unlimited users, plants, process areas & tags, ensuring you never outgrow your configuration. It supports manual lab data entry or bulk data loading with CSV files.

Centralized and secure, by design

Your installation can be maintained on-premise by your staff or fully managed on-cloud. Active data security ensures that access to data is limited to the appropriate users.

Fully integrated and extendable

Your data is available to SCADA and corporate IT systems, and is easily extendable to other applications, including meter reading, flushing records, inspections, source water protection, and valve turning, to name a few.